Helene-Counselling Services



I provides a combination of services  Radio and Television news broadcasting, presentation too

Links to my Demo are:-





And of course counseling on any issues you need help with.

 (Trust me there is always someone worse off than you, no matter what your problem is, if you were buried alive in the worst place on earth for your life, that is also the best place on earth for who is elevated throughout that time you been buried, and all you can still think of is how to help the next person, you are blessed, there is always someone worse off than you, like who only thinks of getting even, than moving ahead of life limiters, so do share already!

I am hard working and conscientious  Confident, reliable & responsible. Great Communication Skills. Team player. Energetic and enthusiastic. I have a "can do" attitude. Attention to detail, Strong analytical & problem solving skills.

Education History:-

Highest qualification      Degree - NVQ Level 6


University of West London

Sep 2008 – Jun 2011 ( 2 years 10 months ) 

BA (Hons) Broadcasting



English Language and Yoruba Fluent

Personal Interests

Writing, Reading, Broadcasting, Editing Audio using audacity and editing films using Final cut pro, doing interviews and vox pops on news related subjects, playing pools, bowling, horse riding, singing, jokes, acting, dancing, the movies, theater, driving, foreign holidays.


INTERESTS Filming, Blogs on Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin, Sharing Filmed Stories

 References Available on request.

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